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January 7, 2014

2014...And the Momentum Builds



Recently in Plano, Texas, we were hit by a substantial ice storm. The region was paralyzed. You could hardly get out of your door. Then if you could get to your car, you couldn't go anywhere. Why? Because you couldn't get any traction. You see, you need traction to build momentum.


For the last four years or so, the general aviation industry has been mired in a proverbial ice storm of its own. It has been hard to build momentum. Oh, there have been a few dry patches of concrete which gave us a fool's hope of a recovery but, usually, the next stretch of road was a slick glaze sapping our progress.


2013 started out pretty much the same in our industry. A few steps forward, a few steps back. After the first quarter or so, it seemed like we were in for the same pattern for the rest of the year. Then, ever so gradually, our wheels started to dig in. We drove a little forward and didn't slip back. This process happened more and more. We didn't have completely dry roads but, just like the streets after the storm, we started to settle into the tire grooves and experienced, albeit slowly, real progress.


My outlook for 2014 is for continued traction. I think that we will continue to move forward steadily and progressively. We are still, however, in the tire grooves with ice all around us so any sudden change of direction or an overly aggressive throttle could surely cause us to spin out.


But, if we remain cautious and focused, I feel that we will continue to show steady progress. The recovery is starting to dig in. You might say that it is akin to the thaw after a storm - without the dirty cars.