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September 23, 2014

A Legacy for the Future



Each day as you start your job, begin your shift, turn on your computer or walk on to the ramp, you will perform the first of many tasks that, taken together with those of your colleagues at 65+ other Atlantic Aviation locations across the country, will form a vital part of a legacy.

It's hard to believe that in a few years we’ll be entering the centennial decade of Atlantic's existence, in one form or another. Originally starting out as the DuPont family flight department in Wilmington, Del. (ILG), the story is one of change, acquisition and growth, most of which has occurred in the last 10 years alone.


 DuPont Airport, Wilmington, Del., circa 1927

The period since our founding has paralleled that of the aviation industry as a whole. A period during which the fundamental physics of flight and the economics of safe and viable air transport have made an immeasurable contribution to the development of the nation's economy. A contribution that has enabled communities and the country to develop in response to better access; helped businesses become increasingly competitive through more efficient use of time; and saved lives with quicker emergency and humanitarian services.


While these aviation fundamentals remain largely unchanged, new technologies - engine development, composite materials, satellite navigation, to name a few - have dramatically altered and improved the system in which Atlantic plays its role.


Part of Atlantic's legacy has been to support the aviation system through the multiple fixed-base operations (FBO) services we continue to provide each and every day. Our name speaks to longevity, we are proven and our experience is unquestioned. Yet, while the fundamentals of fueling, towing, hangaring and handling might have remained relatively constant, our business and operations have and will continue to change in response to new technologies and innovations in both aviation and the FBO business. Consider the use of technology to integrate ramp management, point of sale and accounting functions that have made customer processing and information gathering so much more efficient.


We are an adaptive group, always striving to find better ways to do something. Our willingness and ability to continually explore and embrace opportunities to improve and develop the hundreds of processes and actions that comprise the daily activity of an Atlantic FBO is the other part of our legacy. A legacy for the future. Who knows what the aviation industry will look like in another 90-100 years, but those who lead, adapt and innovate can look forward to being part of it, and in so doing, play a vital and rewarding role in aviation that Atlantic proudly claims.


So, as you start your first activity of the day, please know that you, your experience and, of course, your attitude are an integral part of the Atlantic legacy. A legacy that today and going forward remains essential to the aviation industry.