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June 17, 2014

Acquisitions Bring Valuable Change



The success and growth of Atlantic Aviation over the years has been attributable in no small part to acquisitions. While each and every acquisition presents its challenges, opportunities and risks, one thing has been constant: the people.


From past acquisitions of Trajen Flight Support, Mercury Air Centers and Flightcraft to our most recent purchases of Hangar 10 and Galaxy Aviation, I am always amazed at the level of dedication and professionalism the management teams and employees bring with them.


For many companies, an acquisition means pushing their culture from the top down. At Atlantic, we have been successful taking the opposite approach. We have aimed to embrace the culture of new employee groups while also implementing best practices. This has resulted in a stronger company and improved safety as well as a highly engaged and professional workforce.


Hangar Ten (H10) in Kansas City (MKC) is a great example of how we approach integrating new FBOs.


H10 had a stellar reputation in general aviation, one of the most beautiful facilities in the country and distinct line service uniforms. Yes, we noticed the uniforms. They were professional, uncomplicated and hard to miss.


It would have been easy to just add MKC to our current uniform program, but we recognized that H10's uniforms made a positive impression on their customers and employees while improving safety due to their high visibility. They were a hidden gem in the acquisition.


As a result, we incorporated the uniforms and made them our new standard. Atlantic is now rolling out this uniform across the company beginning with Galaxy locations in Florida and Colorado.


Like those at Hangar 10, new employees bring knowledge, experience and talent that we benefit from and they allow our culture to naturally bubble up and help it grow.


Today, we are One Atlantic. We reflect the people from all of our acquisitions along the way, at all levels of the company. The people in the building make us proud of the name on the building.


While we're on the subject, when you see our new uniforms in your travels, let us know what you think. You can't miss them!



Guest post by Tim Bannon, Atlantic's Vice President of Regional Operations.