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May 29, 2014

How Atlantic Standards Benefit You



Atlantic Aviation is synonymous with exceptional service. As a national chain, we want our customers to receive the same high level of service no matter what location they go to. To make this happen, there are a few key ingredients.

First, dedicated, respectful and enthusiastic employees are a must and our employees are simply the best in the industry. Second, for those employees to deliver the level of service they do, they need the proper equipment to get the job done. That is what I am tasked with as the Director of Procurement.

Part of my job is to work with our operations to help develop and implement equipment standards. Standards in this case do not imply ordinary or base level, but our shared goal of providing the foundation for exceptional service you expect. Standardization helps us achieve this goal through our daily operations in several ways.

1. It ensures consistency. Every location provides service with equipment that is professional in appearance and meets our strict safety requirements.


2. It eliminates the learning curve. When an employee or piece of equipment transfers between locations, employees do not have to learn all new equipment features and interfaces. They are able to be safe and productive immediately.


3. It's reliable. New equipment does not require as much maintenance, which means less down time for repairs and dependable service for our customers.


4. It's high quality. By producing standard pieces of equipment, our vendors can concentrate on the quality of the equipment they are manufacturing because they are not focusing on customizing something different with each build.


5. It builds partnerships. We are able to work with field employees to design equipment that best meets our customers’ needs. And, we are also able to work with vendors who share our values and are committed to a superior product. These partnerships afford all of us the opportunity to be successful.


6. It evolves. Standardization is always a work in progress. As the industry changes and new technologies are introduced, so will our standards.

Getting all of our locations up to these standards will take time. I hope you’ll notice the big and small changes happening around Atlantic each time you stop to visit us from new fuel trucks and GSE equipment to computer equipment, Wi-Fi and coffee upgrades. As we continue to develop our standards and safety protocols, it's all with you in mind.


Guest post by Todd Baker, Atlantic's Director of Procurement.