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August 5, 2014

The LA Scene – Spotlight on Atlantic LAX


CONTRIBUTOR: Steve Hirschfeld

With Los Angeles, Calif., being home to a multitude of celebrities, top-rated sports teams, Fortune 100 companies and countless high-profile individuals, the LA scene is always happening – and our LAX location is no exception. In fact, Atlantic Aviation LAX is one of our busiest FBOs across the country.





To give you an idea of just how busy it is consider that during the basketball and hockey seasons, we host over 45 sports charters per month. We also supply fuel to many of Los Angeles International Airport's GSE operators and commercial airline companies – to the tune of more than 350,000 gallons per year in mogas/diesel. Additionally, our Cargo ITP averages over 22 million gallons per year. Atlantic LAX also provides the ground handling for all foreign dignitaries and world leaders' flights coming in and out of LAX.


And if that weren't enough to keep us busy, we are always ready for our close-up since many of Hollywood's top TV shows enjoy shooting scenes from our lobby and on our ramp – shows like "NCIS Los Angeles," "House," "Entourage," "Hell's Kitchen," ESPN's "All Access" and more.


At Atlantic Los Angeles, we're proud to say we serve a diverse clientele which offers up a unique business mix, and we're able do all of this completely in-house with 100% Atlantic-owned equipment, including our own K-Loader, 300 gallon lav truck, airstairs, belt loaders and a paymover that tows up to a 747-400.




What's Ahead for Atlantic LAX

Atlantic LAX currently operates on 15.3 acres and can accommodate up to five Boeing 747 aircraft at a time in addition to corporate traffic. In October, we'll be breaking ground on a 35,000-square-foot expansion that includes a new hangar and office space. This addition is slated to be completed August 2015. This will be the first, and so far only, corporate hangar on the field. The demand for this space has been overwhelming and consequently, we're 100% pre-leased.


Huge thanks to the team of rock stars at Atlantic LAX and our GM Victor Walker for the great work you all do!



Guest post by Steve Hirschfeld, Atlantic’s Vice President of Regional Operations West Coast.