Atlantic Aviation is proud to be the FBO that touches hearts and lives. Active involvement in the communities we serve is a priority, and giving back is more than a commitment. It’s part of our DNA.

Atlantic Cares

December 21, 2020

Atlantic Reaches Out in Many Communities

2020-12 Atlantic Cares Outreach
Atlantic Aviation is constantly amazed at the constitution and character of our employees. We’re proud to showcase Lizzy, Jenn and Kenn from some of our Colorado locations who have all worked tirelessly for their communities. Lizzy and Jenn work together to keep the homeless community fed and Kenn coordinating supply donations for veterans across Colorado.

Lizzy and Jenn, both at Atlantic’s Aspen, CO (ASE) location, are equally passionate about helping the homeless in their community. They’ve been working closely with an outreach organization called The Extended Cable. This organization is comprised solely of local volunteers, individual and church groups who commit their time and resources to serve one hot meal per day, seven days a week, to the homeless in the area. For many, it’s the only meal they get a day and it includes a cup of hot coffee, fresh water and serves often as their only opportunity to engage in a social setting.

Like many organizations affected by COVID, the outreach community had to switch gears and find new ways to serve those in need, while also keeping everyone safe. They decided to start putting together sack lunches, as it took less people and time to gather, assemble and distribute meals. This meant they could continue to meet their goal of one meal a day to the homeless community, and Lizzy was overjoyed to start putting together lunches.

When a work conflict popped up on Lizzy’s schedule, she realized she wouldn’t be able to deliver the lunches on time. After finding out that Lizzy was going to miss the delivery window, Jenn offered to jump in and help. While packing the lunches they decided to write notes of encouragement to include in each lunch. “At the end of the day, these people may be homeless but they’re still people. We call them ‘friend’ in our notes and add in inspiring quotes or sayings to lift their spirits,” said Lizzy. Jenn delivered the lunches while Lizzy reported to her shift at Atlantic. These actions show genuine care and the joint effort that these ladies put into this cause is truly special.

Over the past ten years, Atlantic Montrose, CO (MTJ) employee, Kenn, has played a key role in coordinating the annual Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) Holiday Airlift in partnership with the Colorado Veterans of Foreign Wars organization (VFW). Kenn, who is also a board member of CABA has played a pivotal role to help build a network of volunteer pilots to make this event come to life each year.

The Holiday Airlift is an annual event that assists needy and homeless veterans and their families by providing donated food and toys around the holiday season. Food and toys are gathered by donation and then distributed across the state of Colorado by a group of incredible pilots. Many are veterans, but there are many civilian volunteers as well. They come together on their own time, utilizing their own funds and aircraft, to serve the vets and their families.

Kenn and the Atlantic MTJ team have been a major part of the operations of this event every year. Atlantic MTJ has served as a hub for western slope delivery operations allowing space to store all the donated items to eventually be loaded onto the aircraft for delivery. This year they also included personal protection equipment, due to COVID, to those in need. The official stats of this year’s Holiday Airlift operation are yet to be released, but last year Kenn and his team coordinated donations to 1,127 veterans and their family members, weighing a total of 9,380 lbs, delivered by 28 volunteer aircraft.

Atlantic Charleston, SC (CHS) employees came together to help a local non-profit domestic abuse shelter, My Sister's House. They collected a large amount of needed items to help families in need of breaking out of domestic abuse situations. It was an incredible effort from this team as well to help their community. As you can see, no matter where the community is or the size of the effort, Atlantic Aviation employees consistently go above and beyond to reach out and give back, and we could not be more proud.