Atlantic Aviation is proud to be the FBO that touches hearts and lives. Active involvement in the communities we serve is a priority, and giving back is more than a commitment. It’s part of our DNA.

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October 5, 2016

Atlantic SLC Hosts Neighborhood House Event

Thank you SLC Cropped

The Neighborhood House is a non-profit, 100% donor funded organization aimed towards helping underprivileged children and families. Each year they host a family fun night around Valentine’s Day. This year their normal venue was booked and any other location they contacted was charging more than they could afford. So, in an effort to help them make this a special event for their families, Atlantic in Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) was happy to open up their hangar for a few hours. This allowed the organization to go above and beyond what they could have originally provided, and including the ability to supply food, drinks, and a DJ.

There was a lot of dancing, laughter, games, and fun. All said and done, 191 families came through to enjoy the special evening with their kids. Events like this certainly put things into perspective, both personally and professionally, and the staff at Atlantic SLC considers themselves the beneficiaries of being a part of this blessing and love rather than them being a blessing to them this year.

A little about Neighborhood House from their website:
Our story begins in 1894, when Utah was still a territory. Many children were in need of food, clothing, care and guidance. Emma K. McVicker, a former teacher in the Presbyterian schools, dreamed of alleviating these social issues when she conceived the idea of opening a public kindergarten.

The goals of the organization, then known as the Free Kindergarten Association, were “to provide instruction for underprivileged children to commensurate with instruction given in more favored districts; to become better acquainted with parents in poorly regulated homes; to raise the standard of living; and to provide, when necessary, food and clothing.” Throughout our rich history, one thing has always remained constant: providing quality care for low-income families based on their ability to pay.