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March 13, 2024

Atlantic Aviation and Lilium Unite to Electrify Regional Air Mobility Across the U.S.

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2024-03 Lilium Atlantic Partnership Website
Atlantic Aviation, a leading fixed-based operation (FBO) and aviation services provider, has teamed up with Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ: LILM), developer of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet, to prepare Atlantic’s network of more than 100 FBOs for the Lilium Jet’s regional air mobility service launch in the United States. 

This strategic partnership will work to ensure seamless compatibility between the Lilium Jet and Atlantic's network of aviation assets across North America, enabling Advanced Air Mobility operations at current and future locations. Atlantic operates sites at more than 30 airport locations within Lilium’s planned launch markets in Florida, Southern California, the Northeast corridor, and Texas. 

Lilium and Atlantic will focus on infrastructure deployment and operations, with an eye toward passenger experience, at existing and upcoming sites. Strategic planning will revolve around key drivers including aircraft flight paths, charging capabilities, passenger facilities, operations forecasting, and more. This comprehensive approach will ensure Lilium Jet operators have access to strategic points within Atlantic’s network of aviation facilities, working to optimize the passenger experience and paving the way for a new era of air travel. 

“Our partnership with Atlantic Aviation is a critical step toward realizing our vision for a sustainable and accessible mode of high-speed regional travel,” said Sebastien Borel, Lilium’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Atlantic’s extensive presence across major U.S. cities and expertise in ground infrastructure development and premier customer service will be invaluable in establishing a robust network that supports the Lilium Jet throughout the U.S.” 

“Atlantic Aviation is eager to work alongside Lilium, a pioneer in the burgeoning eVTOL sector, to construct the necessary infrastructure for their regional air mobility service in the United States,” said John Redcay, Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer at Atlantic. “This collaboration underscores our firm conviction in the transformative potential of eVTOL technology in reshaping regional travel, and we are dedicated to furnishing the technology agnostic infrastructure and assistance required to bring this vision to fruition.” 

Lilium’s planned commercialization approach focuses on manufacturing and selling an aircraft to various individuals and companies for private, premium and shuttle operations and thereafter providing aftermarket support and services. This go-to-market strategy will allow for a diverse revenue stream and is predicated on aviation facilities being ready for the Lilium Jet, emphasizing the value of partnering with Atlantic.

Lilium’s strategic collaboration with Atlantic paves the way for a smooth entry into service of the Lilium Jet, enabling the company to provide regional air mobility service in the U.S. The partnership will help usher in a new era of regional air transportation that connects travelers from city-to-city and saves passengers hours in travel time.

This MOU follows several partnerships between Lilium and other providers globally, as well as the commencement of production of the Lilium Jet late last year.