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April 27, 2020

Atlantic Employee of the Year - Mary Monahan

POSTED IN: Employee Showcase

2020-03 2019 Employee of the Year Web FIX
Mary Monahan is a superb employee. She seizes every opportunity to make someone’s day and focuses on each and every customer. She chooses her attitude before coming into work and loves what she does. When Donald Kolessar, a WWII and Korean War veteran, and long time Atlantic visitor, shared with Mary that there was one aircraft he’d always wanted to fly in, Mary took notice. 

Though not a customer, Don has visited the FBO several times over the years to see the various aircraft that visit the base. You could say he’s a bit of an aviation enthusiast! His visits are always filled with stories about all the different aircraft that he’d flown in, but there was one type of aircraft that he’d never been on before. One of Dan’s life goals was to finally climb aboard the blimp. He’d tell the PNE team about all the FBOs and airports he visited trying to score a seat on a blimp, and never succeeded. 

Mary was determined to get Don on a blimp. When the PNE team finally had the pleasure of having the Goodyear Blimp come to their base, Mary went into action and she was successful. The pilots and the hosts from Goodyear and Pep Boys made sure that Don got a FREE seat on the Goodyear Blimp! Mary was able to surprise Don with the news when he arrived at the FBO. He was ecstatic. Don was finally able to achieve his all-time aviation dream at the young age of 92! 

The whole PNE team nominated Mary for Employee of the Year for her genuine care and heartwarming participation in making Don’s dream come true. For this, Mary is our 2019 Atlantic Aviation Employee of the Year. 

Much like she surprised Don, the team surprised Mary with her Employee of the Year achievement. They invited her loved ones, tenants that have worked with her throughout the year, past employees and friends to celebrate her. Atlantic employees from PHL also joined in the fun. Unfortunately, Don had an appointment run long and couldn’t make it, but he was so proud of Mary, and congratulated her himself the next day. It was a joyous day for everyone, and Mary couldn’t believe it. 

Mary Monahan’s touching story embodies everything that Atlantic Aviation stands for. She has developed a friendship and a connection with a true aviation enthusiast who would just drop by from time to time. She went out of her way to make his day and help him achieve a huge life goal. Most of all, her commitment to Atlantic, dedication to our culture, and her heart-felt thoughtful acts for others, is truly inspiring.