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March 28, 2016

Modern Mountain Style Sets The Stage For Reno/Tahoe FBO

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When you step off your private jet after traversing the Sierras or the Great Basin, Atlantic Aviation FBO in Reno (RNO) welcomes you with world-class ambiance and renowned services.


Let's face it, there is only so much time for your adventures, so we designed this FBO where you are immersed with regional style, a modern interpretation of Tahoe, the minute you walk in the door. Heavily textured stacked stone, intricate custom wood tables, lush upholstery in modern mountain themes, and hammered metals are just a few of the beautiful design elements welcoming you to Reno/Tahoe.

 RNO Aug8



It has been a privilege and great pleasure to work shoulder to shoulder with Atlantic Aviation to create an interior design that reflects the local region with lush livability and style that is uncompromised by handsome commercial products designed for long-term durability. Like the care and attention Atlantic takes in the handling of its customers, we carefully planned each detail and design element to enhance the customer experience. Form follows function and after the use of each space had been optimized, we turned our attention to selecting rich earth tones and textures to represent the pristine natural environment of Lake Tahoe

RNO Aug1



Sharing a few of the scrumptious materials that made the cut: Sculpted velvets with a leaf motif, hand hammered copper and forged metal accents by local blacksmiths, custom designed and hand built wood tables in walnut, alder and zebra wood, stacked stone, diamond match wood tables, metallic porcelain tile, and to top it off an original oil painting of a scene of Emerald Bay. All these amazing materials were planned in a way to maximize the effect of the design and yet carefully minding the budget.

 RNO Aug4



Need a stylish place to hold a business meeting? You will be surrounded by mountain elements: Original Oil Painting of Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe from the air, curvilinear metal chandelier as well as carpet emulating twigs from the trail. Rustic elegance at its best.

 RNO Aug5



Accessories are pure reflections of the raw nature around Tahoe. This is not your typical stuffed bears and hickory furniture. We turned it up a notch with simple but sophisticated memorable accents. Wood turned bowls with polished stones, log slice vases and wall décor, petrified wood bowls, collected moss, pine cones and sliced aspen branches are all treasures from the trail beckoning you to come take a closer look. Placing accessories is where the true personality of the design comes to life, and as a designer, my passion lies in sharing the abundance of environmental and cultural riches.

 RNO Aug6



Our design intent was to portray luxury and leave a lasting impression of all the Reno/Tahoe area has to offer. As an interior designer I have been extremely impressed by the visionary leadership of Atlantic Aviation to inspire design for the customer experience creating a regionally educational and meaningful FBO. Good design = Good business.


Guest post by Marilee Wintz, a registered interior designer based in Nevada. Since 1997, she has built a reputation for providing exceptional interior design services for commercial and residential clients throughout Reno, Sparks, Truckee and Lake Tahoe. In addition to her work on our Reno/Tahoe facility, Marilee is collaborating on several other Atlantic projects.