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February 5, 2015

2015: Raising the Bar



raise the bar (verb, idiomatic) to set a more impressive precedent or record. We've all seen the bar raised in technology in the past decade. It's hard to believe that it was only the '90s when the Internet and cell phones became a household name, and products like DVDs and MP3s came into popularity.

In the 2010s and throughout today, it's genome sequencing, drones and hover boards. Things that once seemed like science fiction are nearing reality.
The bar in customer service is rising as well. Customers are becoming more demanding, savvy and less tolerant of bad service.

There are 5 levels of customer service that are pretty self-explanatory. I'm sure we have all experienced all of these from time to time.

  • Unacceptable: Bad on all levels
  • Basic: Minimum standards
  • Good: Satisfactory, but no "wow" moments to speak of
  • Surprising: Good with a special occurrence
  • Legendary: You are the industry benchmark, others compare to you

Legendary service is not difficult to achieve, however, not all companies are willing to invest the dollars, resources, training and constant focus this type of service requires.

A company with legendary service realizes there must be a "system." The system starts with:

  • Goals
  • Processes to achieve those goals
  • Activates those processes
  • Craves feedback to fine tune the process

Atlantic is proud to be known in the industry for its legendary service. Getting to this point was always our goal and it takes a consistent effort to sustain.

As I am often quoted as saying: “Legendary customer service is not a destination, but an ongoing journey.”