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October 29, 2013

What is the Atlantic Attitude?



Have you ever received service so spectacular it made you say, “Wow, that really just made my day!”?


I was on vacation in Florida and during my stay, I had the most amazing experience. The hotel went out of their way to show they really cared about me and my needs, and they wanted me to return. The experience impressed me so much that I wanted to create the same attitude and atmosphere at Atlantic. I also knew it was an idea our employees would embrace.


From the outset, our Atlantic Attitude training program has been built on four fundamental principles:

Make someone's day
Choose your attitude


Through training and constant employee engagement, these ideas have become ingrained in our employee culture and the way we do business. Customers notice and appreciate the Atlantic spirit. And, like me, they never forget a great experience.


For example, Steve* was in Palm Springs preparing for an afternoon departure. When he arrived at our base, he mentioned to our customer service rep Sheryl that he could not find his belt. Without him knowing, Sheryl left and purchased a belt for him. Steve couldn’t believe she took the time or cared about his problem. She later called the hotel, found the original belt and shipped it to him. Steve’s been talking about that story ever since! A small gesture that… MADE SOMEONE’S DAY.


I’ll be sharing more stories about Atlantic employees who have embraced this attitude. You’ll hear stories of happy employees who focus on creating the safest environment for your aircraft.  At the same time, they may surprise you with a birthday cake for your passenger, serve you bagels in New York or crawfish in New Orleans. You might even be asked to judge a chili cook off in one of our FBOs.


Don’t be surprised if you see some of your fellow pilots passing the time throwing a Nerf ball through the hoops or entering a pumpkin carving contest.


At Atlantic, it’s fun, it’s happy and we love having you with us.

*Not his real name