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May 18, 2017

2016 Atlantic Employees of the Year

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2016 Employees of the Year
At Atlantic, SAFETY is our number one priority, and our Employees of the Year from our West Palm Beach, FL (PBI) location exhibited superhero like reflexes when a landscaper's life was in jeopardy. A mowing incident quickly trapped him upside down in a retention pond while he was still strapped in on the zero turn mower he was riding. To read the full story of the rescue, click here.

Year round, customers and employees nominate Atlantic employees for going above and beyond their expectations. Every month 'Attitude is Everything' pins are awarded to those chosen as part of Atlantic's employee recognition program. The Employee of the Year award is dedicated to the Attitude is Everything pin winner (in this year's case, winners) who's efforts went the farthest beyond what is expected of their role.

Jonah, general manager of PBI, threw an employee appreciation party for his staff and surprised all six of the Employees of the Year during this celebration. Allyson Brogan, Ken Brown, Nicolas Camacho, Karen Lewars, Sergio Rivera, and Joe Therrien were each surprised and honored to be presented with an award and to be named an Employee of the Year for their amazing lifesaving efforts.

"Speaking on behalf of the entire company, we could not be any more prideful and proud of the actions of these heroes who work among us. Apart from the extraordinary example of human compassion demonstrated that day, they each bring an incredible value and example of the Atlantic Attitude that services our customers daily and truly distinguishes our brand at West Palm Beach," stated Richard Thacker, regional manager.